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Study Material & Server Access

Printed study material will be provided to all students upon enrollment. The material will include word documents and excel outlining the explanation of the concepts apart from the configuration steps involved in each step of the process.

An Audio & Video file of each completed session will be upload the next business day to the share drive and all enrolled students will have access to the same 24/7 throughout the learning timeline.

The access to the Server for ECC 6.0 will be provided for all students throughout the tenure of the program and until 1 month after the completion of the training program.

Access beyond the time frame outlines is billed to the students and it is the responsibility of the students to pay to the company directly and maintain their access.

For SAP S4 HANA sandbox server access will be shared and maintained throughout the tenure of the training program and for 1 month to 6 months after completion of the program.

The approximate cost of the server Access per month per student for ECC.6.0 is $25-/ and for S4 HANA is $99/- Monthly as billed by the service Provider.

Ufait- University of Financial Accounting & Information Technology do not own the servers and uses a leased server from AWS (Amazon Web Services).