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Program Schedule

The Training Programs would start and end at the same time in coordination with the Fall and Spring Semesters of colleges and the exact dates of starting and ending would be announced on the website of ufait.com from time to time.


Students in the senior year of college who are pursuing financial accounting as their career are eligible for this program.

Students enrolled for the Job Guaranteed Program must be at-least 18 years of age and eligible to work in United States.

Students must have good academic record and complete all the assignments in a timely manner to be eligible for the certificate of completion which is given in the end.

The Certification Exam is Conducted by SAP America and the fee for the Certification exam is 500 to 550 USD which must be paid by the students separately and our fee does not include the Certification Exam Fee.

Anyone else who is interested in enrolling for the program must have financial accounting background and proof of educational background would be required for enrollment.

For everyone to be successful the University will provide all the material, Instructions and the server Access but consistent effort is required from the students to be able to successfully complete the program and onboard a job.

Students without geographic restrictions and willing to work on jobs across USA are more likely to onboard a job against students who have localization restrictions.

We will not enroll any student who is having a DUI conviction or any other Felony convictions or cases against them pending in any court of law.