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Finance & Aid

We are currently working to have a business partner agreement namely Santander, Wells Fargo, and PNC Bank to introduce student loads to help students pay for the Programs offered at our University.

The Approval process of the loan is based on the terms and conditions of the bank and the underwriters working with the Bank.

The Mandatory Credit Score Requirements, and Income History apart from the tenure of the loan will be determined by the bank and the details would be communicated by the associated bank representative working with us at the time of enrollment.

Students enrolled into our program who are on self-pay can pay the fee in 2 Easy Installments with one installment at the time of enrollment and 2nd installment after the 5th Session within one week of the program.

Students who have an excellent academic record in their college and who are dependent on support from parents with low income are eligible for a discount in fee. (Please call us for more details and proof of low income or no income would be required along with academic excellence).