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Admission to each of the Program starts 6 weeks before the start of each program. Programs start and end at the same time in coordination with the timeline of most undergraduate colleges in USA.

There will be 2 sessions running for each Program in person / Online one session during the day and one in the evening.

Each Session is for a standard 3 hours lecture which includes detailed explanation of the topics and configuration of the same on the sandbox server.

Students interested in the enrollment can call the numbers listed in the “contact info” to speak to a career advisor or alternatively email us for complete details of the program information.

Students can attend 3 sessions without any obligation and no fee needs to be paid and there is no registration fee.

Students attending beyond the 3rd session are required to be formally enrolled and other formalities of fee or complete.

Students intending to cancel their enrollment before the 5th session are entitled for a full refund of the fee paid if any – subject to termination of server access and return of all study material.

Students who are enrolled and attend beyond 5 sessions on any program or not entitled for any refund.

Under special circumstances with pre-approval some students on a case by case basis may be allowed to attend the same program that will be held subsequently, and the fee paid can be adjusted.

Cancellation of a class for weather related issues will be rescheduled and informed to all students.

A formal form of Photo ID and other verification documents are required to be submitted for enrollment.

Students enrolling for Job Guaranteed training Program will be required to submit proof of legal residence, birth certificate, citizenship status etc. which is subject to verification from Department of Homeland Security.

Students with criminal records, drunken driving cases and any other types of legal complications are not entitled for enrollment in any programs and if enrolled would be terminated upon verification and fee paid by those students will be refunded pro-rated after deducting the fee applicable to the number of sessions attended by them.

The Faculty will ensure that each student at each learning level is completely supported from every required scenario but however it is the effort of the students that make them successful and the Job Placement is Guaranteed only for those students making diligent efforts in pursuing the program successfully.