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University of Financial Accounting & Information Technology

Mission & Vision

Traditionally over the past few decades it has been a well-established scenario that United States has been the forefront land of opportunities for most intelligent and extremely talented Information Technology Jobs.

The Demand for IT skilled professionals increased multifold with the advancement of Technology and day to day requirements from global business owners focusing on Intelligent Decision-Making tools and advanced centralized accounting practices in a diverse world of multi platforms, multiple languages and continents across the globe following accounting practices specific to regions and common for global reporting.

To cater to the increased demand for Skilled jobs extensive resources have been procured globally which involved complex procedures, enhanced Immigration compliance guidelines.

At University of Financial Accounting we focus on enhancing the skills of younger generation talented students already enrolled in Undergraduate programs at various colleges interested in entering a career in Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Procurement, Sales and Reporting.

The Mission of UFAIT- University of Financial Accounting & Information Technology is to ensure that each student who is currently graduating from any college in USA with Finance background should be trained to be the first recipient of valuable job openings in the market and reduce the burden on companies from global dependencies for Human Capital Procurement.

Our structured Career Oriented Training Programs enhance the accounting skills with best in class ERP Package in great demand for almost all accounting Jobs in the current scenario Using SAP S4\Hana Simple Finance.

Each program is carefully designed to transfer Knowledge to meet the exact on demand skills in the job market to every graduate entering the job Market eliminating any requirement for a training from the Employer.

The Several Training Programs Designed to enhance the student knowledge base are targeted for all undergraduate students, students pursuing Business Administration, and individuals of all career levels equip with expertise and knowledge to pass the SAP America Certification Program to authenticate their level of expertise and provide prospective employers a standard and result oriented evaluation process in identifying employees.

Our Training Programs are aligned to ensure students pass the relevant Certification Exams and Certified Consultants and students are guaranteed to be shortlisted for Jobs.